Forever PRO X²™ - Cinnamon

Experts now find that adequate protein intake plays an important role in a healthy weight management program, when combined with a sensible diet and regular exercise. Forever PRO X²™ provides the PRO X²™ Proprietary Blend of Soy protein isolate and Whey protein isolate and concentrate, along with 2 grams of dietary fiber, in each delicious bar to help build muscle and achieve your weight management goals.

Protein helps to make you feel full, thereby helping to contol appetite so you don’t overindulge at your next meal or reach for high-calorie, carbohydrate laden snacks. In addition, since lean muscle is more metabolically active than fat tissue, supporting lean body mass through adequate protein consumption can help support metabolism and therefore weight management.

In addition to its role in curbing appetite, protein is essential for building muscle, especially as you increase exercise intensity. Some may worry that a combination of dieting and rigorous exercise may cause a loss of muscle mass. Since protein is the building block for muscle tissue, ensuring adequate protein intake can help to protect against muscle loss due to diet and exercise while on a healthy, weight management program. Quality protein helps you build and retain lean muscle tissue, reduce recovery time after workouts, and improve muscle fitness through exercise. In addition, increased protein intake, along with resistance exercise, can help to support muscle mass as we age.

Soy and Whey are high-quality proteins well-researched for their benefits in building and supporting muscle tissues. Designed to provide additional protein to support a healthy weight management program, or for a delicious snack when you are on the go, Forever PRO X²™ provides 15g of high quality protein in a convenient, great-tasting bar. Forever PRO X²™ bars come in two delicious, gluten-free flavors, Cinnamon and Chocolate – each a great way to help you increase your protein intake every day!

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Forever PRO X²