Aloe Vera America in Dallas, TX is the manufacturing keystone for our entire Aloe Vera operation around the world. From here we control the Texas and Dominican Republic plantations, our processing facility in Mission, Texas, over 8 million gallons of Aloe Vera gel every year and the manufacturing of our many successful lines of Aloe Vera products.

This incredible facility has millions of dollars invested in state-of-the-art technology, product labs and research facilities in order to ensure that Forever Living is consistently delivering the highest quality products in the world.


Serving as “mission control” for the only completely vertically integrated Aloe Vera company in the world, everything is coordinated through our Dallas facility. We are all proud to know our Aloe Vera operation is providing the highest quality products to the best distributors all across the globe, we hope that everyone can see the quality of our operation and know that behind every one of our Aloe products there is a world class operation supporting them in Dallas, Texas.